Yellowstone tourists get the unique opportunity to meet the park’s rarest creature face-to-face

The rarest animal of Yellowstone park

When attending Yellowstone Park, a group of wildlife enthusiasts, who organized a tour there, had a once-in-a-blue moon meeting with one of the park’s rarest creature – a wolverine. Luckily, they managed to capture the incredible moment on camera!

It happened last Saturday, when a group of tourists was driving through the area of Yellowstone and they came across a wolverine crossing the road right in front of them! The unique and incredible experience lasted a few minutes only, but it was long enough to astonish and amaze the whole group, which also included a 9-year-old girl with her father.

“For the rest of the tour, the 9-year-old cute girl couldn’t help saying, ‘Wow… we met a real wolverine today! Can you imagine? A REAL WOLVERINEEE!’”

Many visitors even wrote about this wonderful experience on their social media accounts, in order to share with their friends.

There are currently only seven wolverines in the park!

You may enjoy watching the incredible video below in order to see this once-in-a-blue moon experience!

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