Tired boy and his cow winning the internet by falling asleep together

How a cow and a boy fall asleep together

Mitchell Miner is a young adolescent. He just participated in the Iowa State Fair dairy pot event with his cow Audri. Despite their effort and dedication, they still came in 5th position out of 7 teams. They were both fatigued. When the boy’s dad came in to picture them cuddling beside each other, they went to sleep. Our son Mitchell with his cow after yesterday’s show‘ was the description on the photo. The photo had over 15,000 likes following morning.

Mitchell’s mom is Laura Miner. „I believe if you spend much time with kids, they’re likely to do pretty well,“ she told the Des Moines Register. Her hubby and she grew up in rural. They wish their kids to have a relationship to their origins now that they have moved away. As a result, over the summertime, the family rents animals so that the children can live life on a ranch. Mitchell’s dad is Jeremy Miner. „We learned a great deal from the land,“ he remarked. „We’ve grown up with those beliefs, and we do everything we can to uphold them.“ When the September activities are over, Audri, the napping heifer, will go to the dairy farm. As you can see, the photo has gone viral on social media.

Mitchell Miner and his heifer Audri are depicted in this photograph. They just participated in the dairy pot display at the Lows State Fair.

Take a look at the fantastic clip above!

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