This German Shepherd considers herself a lucky mom for someone, she didn’t give birth to  

Who could expect, that this caring dog would become the best mom for this little creature!

 Not only humans but also animals have a mother instinct. They are ready to care about their babies and protect them from everything. And it isn’t surprising. But when the animals look after those, who aren’t their own babies and consider them as their own children, sounds a bit amazing and exciting.

Here is a cute story about a dog named Shadow, who became a caring mom for a goat, who didn’t have anything and was alone in this huge world.

She fell in love with the baby at the first sight and cared of him as her own child.

When the goat was first brought home, both the owners and their loving pet, Shadow, began to look after him. While his human parents fed him with bottle, Shadow sat next to him and carefully followed the process, then licked and covered him with a blanket. She loved him as her own baby and considered herself the best mom ever.

After looking at this strange couple, one can say that there can be a real friendship between unlike friends. These cuties are strongly related to each other and cannot live separately.

The dog’s big love towards her baby, isn’t surprising for the owners, because Shadow is very caring and attentive not only towards the goat, but other animals as well.

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