This beautiful squirrel had a rough life, but he was not only rescued, but also became very famous  

Have you ever seen such a photogenic squirrel? Enjoy his amazing photos!

Meet Jill, the two years old cutest squirrel, who was saved from Hurricane Isaac. Now the baby is quite happy in her new family in Louisiana, United States. He enjoys his life next to the caring people and funny dogs.

His life completely changed after he met his caring owners, thanks to whom he was not only saved, but also became so popular on Instagram.

He is loved and appreciated by his family, who made his life better and safer.

The cutie has much freedom to go everywhere he wants in their house. He is very smart and taught how to use the trash.

Due to his wonderful photos a great number of viewers are attracted by him.

So it’s your turn to be amazed by his fascinating photos. Enjoy them!

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