This adorable catty, who has found her loving family, sleeps only in a cute way. So touching!  

The nice cat wants to get much attention while sleeping.

Here is a 13 years old beautiful catty named Jamie, who appeared in the shelter after her previous owner found a new job and couldn’t keep her anymore. She was brought to the shelter with several health problems, but after a short time, thanks to the great efforts of the staff, the cutie recovered.

While everyone thought, that this old catty would never be adopted, a caring woman named Sarah Dempsey appeared in the right place.

Sarah Dempsey was looking for a cat, who would attract her attention and would become her undivided part. When the woman noticed the catty, she fell in love with her immediately, and it seemed that Jamie was created only for her. She was sure the cute animal would bring joy and happiness to her life.

Just after the woman brought the catty home, they became inseparable. Jamie followed her everywhere and both of them didn’t imagine their lives separately. They still remains undivided friends and love each other a lot.

Even when the catty sleeps, she makes her owner catch her paw, and, when the woman wants to go, she gets up and catches her hand again. That’s so cute!

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