The wonderful little baby elephant’s innocent actions stole the onlookers’ hearts

Everyone were immediately amazed after meeting the little wonder

The following wonderful story is about Samboon the mommy elephant, who was so excited to see how her little calf named Heaven, trying to copy her. Samboon was successfully saved from the trekking camp, where she was used to carrying the tourists on her back several miles away and what’s more – she was pregnant that time.

Nevertheless, now the cute elephant was safe and she was enjoying every moment with her wonderful baby. Heaven, is such a fascinating baby elephant, who amazes and fascinates everyone around him. He literally won the hearts of every onlooker.  Heaven the cutie, used to take a nap everywhere he wanted without eve taking into account who was around him at that moment. He also adores copying evey single movement his mother did.

There is a special age at which elephants can be introduced to their herd and when Heaven the wonderful creature became 3 months old it was prime time to introduce him. The wonder began to get used to his new environment and he was immediately loved by everyone due to his kind behavior and incredibly wonderful appearance.

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