The woman was excited by the reaction of her doggy, who recognised his sibling. So heartbreaking!  

The scene of the accidental meeting between the two siblings melted the owners’ hearts.

 No one can doubt that dogs are very smart and intelligent, so they not only understand everything, but also remember certain events from their past. Here is a touching story about two siblings who recognised each other and were reunited after a long break.

A woman named Walela was walking with her lovely pet named Louie, when a very exciting thing happened. The woman noticed that her dog became anxious and his behaviour changed at once, then she noticed another cute dog, who strongly looked like Louie, coming with its owner. Walela was also confused with their similarity, so she decided to talk with the dog’s owner.

And it turned out that these two cuties are siblings and have the same parents.

The owners were excited by the pets’ behaviour, who immediately recognized each other. It isn’t surprising, as specialists claim that dogs have remembering skills, and they are able to recognize or remember some cases, events, people or their siblings.

These adorable dogs proved this once more. Although they were separated

for a long time, they recognized each other. That’s really cute!


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