The woman saw a baby gibbon drowning in the lake and what she did was really heroic  

The baby monkey was thrown into the lake by his mommy and it was noticed by a kind woman.

 In this case, the mother instinct of a gibbon didn’t work, when she threw her baby into the lake. Fortunately, it had a kind ending thanks to a caring zookeeper named Zera Bekirovska, who was nearby at that time.

The woman hurried to help the baby by jumping into the lake and rescuing the cub’s life.

Luckily, the baby was alive and thanks to the great efforts of both the woman and the vets, he recovered quickly and became quite strong and healthy.

The woman’s kindness didn’t finish there. She decided to take care about the baby and became a mom for him. Now they are inseparable and do everything together. They enjoy sleeping, eating and playing together.

The little gibbon is healthy now and is under the strong care of his loving woman. He behaves her as his own mommy.

Look at this adorable baby!

Goran Anastasovski, a photographer, decided to take fascinating photos of him.

Luckily, this cutie will have a wonderful future.

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