The Whole Family of Maine Coon Kittens Were All Born With Cute and at the Same Time Grumpy Muzzles

The family of Maine Coon kittens with cute and grumpy faces

Kittens are those creatures whom most of us love to the extent of obsession, and it’s mainly probably because of their cute and at the same time grumpy muzzles. What on earth could be better than a grumpy-faced cute catty? And what about five of them?

Perhaps we are that much adored by these wonderful little kittens, because they’re maine coon kittens. It is not a secret that maine coons are some of the world’s most majestic and uniquely beautiful creatures. Hence, I’m more than sure that you’re super excited to have a look at these wonderful fluffy creatures.

There is a special shelter for cats in Russia called Catsvill Country, which recently posted images of some Maine Coon kittens.

The adorable furry creatures rapidly gained lots of attention.

In fact, social network users quickly noticed that these wonderful feline cuties look like old grumpy men.

Just look at these grumpy muzzles.

What’s surprising is that people had some mixed feelings about the little wonders.

They coulnd’t decided if they were perfectly wonderful ( and they actually are,) or disturbing to some extent (they are surely not.)

If you may find yourself a little startled you will just fall in live with their adorable muzzles in a few seconds if you keep looking at these little wonders.

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