The village of foxes in Japan is the most interesting place in the world

The mischievous village of foxes

In reality Japan is full of magical and sweet animals sanctuaries. You may have heard about such places as a bunny or a cat island, but there’s also A Fox Village, where 6 different fox types live, such as red foxes, and the rare silver foxes. They will battle for your attention and food.

This unbelievable oasis is in Japan’s Miyagi prefecture and is known as Zao Fox Village. Paying 100yen visitors can have food, but ad the foxes are wild they must be cautious against hand-feeding them and bringing children to the island.

It is believed in Japan, that they have relations with Inari Okami, the Shinto god of fertility, prosperity and rice. You can scroll down to see more photos of these amazing animals!

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