The touching picture of a caring police officer soothing a sick doggy has gone viral

The viral image of a kind-hearted police officer and a doggy

This story is just an excellent example of the fact that we should try to be kind and nice towards other people and it has no financial cost. When walking his doggy, Carlo, a Florida resident, came across such a uniquely beautiful view. A doggy, who was in extremely poor condition, was found by a kind-hearted police officer.

On the other hand, the fluffy wonder was quite calm and she surely didn’t nerd any help, except for some consolation. The caring police officer took off his jacket and covered the doggy in order to soothe her. The bystander was so affected by what he noticed and witnessed and he immediately captured the touching moment on camera.

“I don’t witness stuff like that every day.” The caring police officer continued to console the cutie and stroke the doggy, until the assistance arrived. When the assistance arrived, the cutie pie was sent to the neighborhood shelter, where she is currently receiving the proper care.

Nevertheless, they were unable to find the microchip and so, the doggy should be kept at the shelter until her owners are found. The dog’s good health condition makes the police officer happy, and she highly recommends that all pet owners get their animals microchipped, just to be on the safe side.

Even if animals may play only a little role in your life, humans are the center of their universe and we should try to assist them whenever we can. The kind-hearted police officer received commendation from the office for his caring and great deed!

She actually deserved it! Don’t you agree?


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