The Stray Doggy Wanted to Make Sure That the Woman Stopped Her Car to Rescue Him

The doggy chose the right car for being rescued

A stray doggy could hardly imagine that he could be so lucky before running behind the car of a woman in Greece.

The woman’s name is Valia Orfanidou, who told how a little puppy appeared behind his car and began to chase it.

Valia os a skilled animal rescuer, who got out of her car to help the puppy, who seemed to ask to play hide-and-seek with the woman.

She states that in this way the smart little doggy “saved himself”, as he hid under the wheels of her automobile making it difficult for the woman to leave without replacing him. They played in this way for more than 10 minutes.

During all this time, no other automobiles stopped to help and it is just awful to see that much indifferent people. And Vaila was more than sure that she couldn’t leave the cutie alone and she was the one, who needed to rescue him. She named the cutie pie Bandit.

The caring and kind-hearted woman tells that she has never promoted such a young puppy, because most of her other saves have been older animals. However,  Valia found the experience amazing and wonderful, as she could help and save one more living creature.

Bandit the doggy will surely be ready for adoption and he will find his permanent family, where he will only get endless love and care!

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