The saved kangaroo keep hugging the people, that saved her life

The beautiful kangaroo, that loves hugging

Animals, like humans have feelings. And particularly it refers to people, that look after them or saved their lives. The story is about Abigail, one of the most faithful saved animals in the world and its the best illustration.

The little young kangaroo lost her mother when  she was a few months old. And it was the time when he came to the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Australia. The volunteers greeted her with love and affection The little one remembered that they have treated her well and after 10 years hugging her rescuers became a daily ritual for her.

“Roger and Ella took care of the Abi. She was just 5 months old orphan, that was covered in wounds and scrapes when she arrived. Ani has become a healthy 7-year-old kangaroo, who comes up to me and hugs me. She has a light colouring and is really beautiful.” shared the sanctuary on Facebook.

And here’s a video of Queen’s everyday routine.

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