The rejected lion can’t take a nap like he used to do when he was a child without a blanket

The unique habit of a wonderful lion

Meet this amazing lion, whose owner doesn’t want to care for him anymore. What’s interesting is that the cutie was obtained illegally by the family and he was kept as a real pet at his owner’s home, but when they decided not to keep the wonderful creature anymore, he was taken to a shelter.

So, Texas Wildlife Rescue’s founder learnt about his story and they made a decision not to keep the cutie with usual facilities, as  he wound simply end up at the rescue center facility. And they did their best to provide the lion with all the necessities.

The founder was also informed that the feline representative used to lay on a blanket in her bed and, so, she made the decision to provide the baby lion with a cozy resting area. Everything was done to keep the cutie pie from feeling uncomfortable or anxious. Whenever he wanted to have a rest or to take a sleep, he just went inside his enclosure and put a blanket in one of the corners on the floor.

He wrapped the blanket about himself swiftly in order to feel warm, as his mommy probably did so to provide the cutie a comfortable sleep.

Even now, at the age of two, he still wants to sleep with a blanket. The wonderfully beautiful lion cub literally adores cuddling with his lovely blanket and the staff already knows about his unique habit.

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