The poor catty was brought to the hospital in a serious condition, but now he smiles again  

The helpless cat transformed and became unrecognizable.

 The previous year Duchess, a little catty, was brought to a hospital in an extremely serious condition. The poor animal had been beaten by a car, because of which his jaw was broken and some other health problems occurred. Although the chance of his survival was low, the doctors of Adobe Animal Hospital in Texas decided to try.

Fortunately, the doctors were skilled and they did their job perfectly, while in other hospitals the cutie would have been euthanised. Dr. Meyer and his smart colleagues saved the catty’s life and gave him the second chance for living. The recovery process lasted one month, during which the baby stayed under the strong care of the doctors.

At that time, a woman came to the clinic and after seeing the cat, she fell in love with him and after a week she adopted the animal.

Fortunately, now Duchess is in the safe hand and lives in a caring family. Although he has completely transformed and smiles again, he needs to continue his treatment.

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