The pictures of these adorable dogs taken by a famous photographer melt everyone’s hearts  

The photographer supports the helpless dogs to be adopted.

 Richard Phibbs, a photographer of fashion and portrait, thinks that due to his photos, the helpless dogs can find their caring owners, because a great number of people from all over the world like and follow him. The man began his activity since 2012 and now works for Humane Society of New York to find forever families for the poor animals.

The name of his publication is “Rescue Me”, in which his best photos are printed. It is for the homeless animals, who haven’t found their forever homes yet and need to be looked after by caring people. Those, who are animal lovers and want to save one more dog’s life, can connect with them. Fortunately, thanks to the great effort of the photographer, the number of adoptions has increased.

These wonderful pictures help humans to see how beautiful they are. The touching stories of these beauties are written with the photos to inform people about their lives.

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