The photoshoot of a pregnant dog became a sensation on the Internet. She behaved herself as a real model!  

This cute dog is the best and the most caring mom ever!

 Ryan Fant, a kind woman, was walking in a park in Little Rock, Arkansas, when she noticed a very beautiful Golden Retriever alone without a collar. She approached to the cutie and gained her attention and when she wanted to continue her way, the doggy followed her. Ryan decided to take her home until she would find her owners.

When they came home, the woman noticed that the dog was pregnant. Ryan searched for her owners for a long time and couldn’t find them. She decided to adopt the future mommy and took care about her. The doggy was called Lily Mae.

The woman wanted to make the dog’s pregnancy more beautiful and decided to take interesting photos of her. In this way she wanted to show the world that each creature is beautiful and attractive in its own way, and thousands of them are waiting for their caring families.

She organized the dog’s photoshoot taken by a photographer named Shauna Kiely. Thanks to these wonderful photos, Lily Mae became everyone’s favourite and melted many viewers’ hearts.

The photoshoot lasted 30 minutes and during it the future mommy behaved herself as a model.

After a short time she gave birth to 8 nice pups: 7 boys and one beautiful girl.

All the pups were very healthy and strong and were under the care not only of their mommy, but also of their kind owner. Although Lily Mae looked after her babies perfectly, she trusted the woman and knew that her babies were in the safe hand.

Now the pups are at a shelter in Houston, Texas and will be adopted when they become older and can be fed by themselves. As concerns to their mommy, she will be sent to Arkansas again.

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