The parents went to a vocation and received a sweet video from their son and family dog

The funny video, that caught millions of views

The parents of Garrett Johnson went to a week-long vocation, leaving him in charge of the house together with their dog Oscar.

Before going the mother reminded Garett to take a good care of the dog, as they’d never gone for such a long time.

But it turned out, that they don’t have to be worried. Oscar was in a capable hands.

Garett decided to film a short video for his parents to make them sure, that everything is perfect with them. He had the idea for a homemade comedy with the finest co-star on his side.

“Oscar is the most amusing dog I know.”

And here’s their funny video for their parents:

Garrett’s parents were on a vocation, but the funniest moment was being at home. His mother couldn’t get enough of the funny video.

“She considered it as really amusing and said, that she laughed so hard she wept.”

Garrett’s mother was not the only one.

Garrett and Oscar’s funny video was sent millions of times until it was uploaded on Twitter, showing that even strangers liked the amusing video.

“It is really amazing. Because I just had 70 followers and published it for my friends. And it’s unbelievable.”

“We were just having fun, until my parents come back. Everything is ok.”

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