The owner noticed that his dog refused to play with his toys and didn’t eat anything. He returned the cutie’s smile!  

Here is a fascinating doggy who has a very beautiful smile with braces.

 Wesley is a nice doggy, whose smile with braces attracts everyone.

Some times ago his owner noticed that his dog refused to eat anything and he was very sad and even didn’t play with his toys. After a short time he lost weight, which worried the man. As it turned out he had some problems with his teeth, because of which he couldn’t close his mouth properly, so it was painful for him to eat or catch anything.

His owner immediately took him to the vet and it turned out, that he had to wear braces in order to correct the form of his teeth.

But, unlike humans, the doggy doesn’t have to wear it for years, a few weeks are enough.

Fortunately, now Wesley feels happy and doesn’t have pains. He eats everything he wants and plays with his toys with pleasure.

There is another cute thing: his beautiful smile, which attracts everyone around him.

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