The mother goose looks after and protects 47 goslings

A mom goose takes care of 47 goslings

Mike had never given great attention to geese before, but everything altered a day.

The dude is always carrying his camera. And it was through accident that he first encountered the geese.

«Each evening I went for a walk down the river, and there were a number of geese since they had flown in from the south looking for a spot to nest,» he explained.

In the springtime, he observed the first batch of pups. So he started shooting geese while he awaited.

He was resting in a few reeds by the river one evening when he observed a mom geese with an unusually high number of cubs. The kids start to sleep under her wings till she saw 16 soft figures curled beneath their mom’s feathers at nightfall.

He tallied 25 fledglings a day, 30 the next, till he discovered a mom geese and her mate with 47 offspring. He found out that this amazing mom looks after fledglings from several houses.

Whenever extremely patient mum and dad watch other people’s kids to give their pals a few nights off, brigades emerge.

It was obvious that she was destined for this position.

Ever since, 3 large families have grown, but this great mother and her spouse are still in charge of kids. They’ll look after them till it’s time to come back south.

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