The man took his dog to the groomer and returned with the other one

The amusing situation with two Coco’s

Although it was simple task the man named Rudy Salazar managed to miss the mark.

Rudy’s wife Coco asked her husband to take their puppy from the groomer, where she had left her before. And that’s what he did.

Just a little bit different.

Coco felt something uncommon when her husband came home with a small puppy in his hands. BooBear’s hairstyle seemed to have changed him completely.

But as it turned out there was another reason for this.

The owner had taken the other puppy as a mistake.

And here’s the video of the amusing moment.

When Rudy went to the groomer he told, that he was there to take Coco. Bit there was a dilemma. He has taken a new little white dog, whose name was also Coco, instead of BooBear.

And the man didn’t notice the mixup.

Happily the man could change the situation as he noticed.

As Coco and BooBear had a similarity in appearance Rudy didn’t have to be blamed for mixing the puppies.

His wife posted: “The best husband in the world”.

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