The man saved a dog from the canal and received a gratitude for his kind deed

A man with a kind heart

Said Zárate from Mexico works as a garbage collector, it’s an exhausting profession with little attention. But all of a sudden everything changed. He saved the puppy stuck in a canal without hesitation and earned the warmest gratitude.

He was driving to an agricultural region some time ago, he saw a pure puppy quickly trying get out of the canal.

“I saw something in the water and started to search for it in the water. After a while I saw, that it was a dog. I told my friend to come to help.” told Said.

A pure dog thanked his rescuer.

The guy acted quickly taking an empty sack to help the dog get out of the canal. The dog was very much exhausted, but the buy waited until he was able to get out of the water.

“He jumped into my arms.”

Said shared the video on his Facebook account and people responded to it very soon.

He wrote the note in the description.

“This is the reason of my living. I’m happy, that I was able to save him and I’m more than sure he thanked me.”

The dog was from the nearest ranch. He has a happy life and good living conditions.

“He went home, after spending some time with us.”

Said also received a letter of gratitude from the dog’s owner, who saw the video on the Internet.

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