The family was really sad finding their home destroyed by wildfire, but were really happy after finding their pet pig alive

A pig, that was able to survive a 800 degree fire

A deadly wildfire spread across the woods of Tennessee and Tom Holmes understood, that it is time to collect his family and flee immediately.

“We weren’t able to get the cars out and the smoke was so bad, that my 18 months son was breathing very hard.” And the man fled with his wife, kids, a cat and a dog, and after his daughter burst into tears they understood, that they left their pig Charles there. But it was too late.

The next morning Holmes received a call from his neighbour who told that their house was completely destroyed. When Holmes and his family went to see it they were amazed. Their pig Charles was waiting for them and was happy than ever. “Charles got into the mud to survive. God saved Charles. How else could he survive the 800 degree fire.”

The cute pig is recovering from burns and inhaled smoke at a vet hospital, where Holmes and his family go to visit him every day.

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