The domesticated fox found something in common with the kind doggy. Their friendship is amazing!  

Have you even seen such a strong bond between a fox and a dog? So cute!  

Meet Juniper, a kind fox, who got used to live as a pet and now enjoys her time with her undivided friend, a cute dog named Moose. They both were saved at a very young age and found each other due to their caring owner.

Just after the little fox was brought home, Moose began to take care about her as his own baby protecting her from any danger. They do everything together: eating, sleeping, walking and playing. Their bond is so strong, that no one and nothing can divide them.

The little fox is always in the centre of the dog’s attention from the first day of her arrival. When Moose sees her, he begins to shake his tail expressing his happiness. Their owner is proud of her faithful pets and know they are inseparable.

Juniper puts her butt on things she likes a lot and it can sound crazy, but very often you will find her on the head of the poor doggy, whose dissatisfied face entertains the owner.

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