The doggy could overcome his illness and now he only needs to be loved and caressed. That’s really cute!  

There are some strange scars on the dog’s skin, but it didn’t disturb him to be beautiful.

 Tabea is a nice pit bull, who was noticed by a group of rescuers on a balcony of a lady and was saved by them at once.

When the rescuers arrived he was so frightened and at first didn’t trust them, but thanks to the efforts of the skilled staff, he was rescued.

The cutie was ill. He was probably beaten and had some wounds and strange scars on his body.

But he was very brave and could overcome all the difficulties and his condition became better. Now he is in the recovery process and the only thing he desires is being loved and stroked.

His dream came true and he gets everything he needs, that is a lot of hugs and kisses given by one of the rescuers named Cassady. He is now the happiest dog ever!

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