The cute dog was born with facial problems but he never gave up and struggled a lot  

This beautiful doggy amazed everyone with his courage.

Here is the most brave dog named Felix who was born with a cleft lip and a cleft palate, because of which he suffered a lot.

The cutie had an operation on his mouth and after it he became healthy and strong.

Despite his unusual appearance, Felix was very beautiful and attracted everyone around him.

He is very active and funny and his facial problems never disturbed him feel great.

Felix was saved by his owner thanks to whom he is now alive.

The man found him when he was just 11 days old. He saw the defenseless animal who wasn’t like his siblings. He needed a lot of support, because his condition was extremely serious, so the man hurried to help the baby.

He also had pneumonia, but after getting the appropriate treatment he was cured fast.

The man took him home and began to treat the baby. During the first 7 weeks he fed the baby with a bottle and thanks to his effort, the little creature was saved and now he is 14 months old.

They became inseparable and are devoted to each other a lot.

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