The crazy doggy wanted to scare her owners and ate a dragon fruit and lay on the ground. That’s funny  

The funny dog was just sleeping, but everyone thought something else happened.

The crazy doggy named Gody ate a dragon fruit and his whole body was covered with red colour and he decided to sleep. When her owners came in they were in shock after seeing the cutie such an awful condition thinking that she passed away.

Later realizing what happened they took a funny photo of her and posted on the Internet and it became very famous. Everyone worried about the baby’s condition.

When they read the daddy’s note they began to laugh at her.

He wrote that the puppy liked eating fruit and she tried it first time. Like other pups, she also liked to sleep a lot.

Her look was so funny and her daddy decided to share it with others.

First she frightened everyone, but then they laughed at her.

While others worried about Gody’s condition, she enjoyed sleeping and was having a rest on the ground.

The case took place in Vietnam. The cutie even had an Instagram page with a great number of followers. Her photo collected approximately 14.000 likes and was shared 88.000 times.

The puppy became very famous on social media and attracted millions of people.

Corgis are very kind and funny creatures and always entertain everyone around them, so you will be lucky to adopt these cuties.

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