The caring dog adopted a helpless possum and became a mom for him. It’s really touching!  

You have probably never seen such a close relation of a dog and a little possum.

Hantu is a caring dog who adopted a helpless possum named Poncho falling on the road. She was so small and defenseless, so her life was under the danger because she couldn’t survive in that miserable condition.

The poor baby was sitting next to her mommy, who had been beaten by a car and passed away. She was found by some rescuers and brought to a vet clinic. Then the caring dog adopted and took care about her.

Although the poor creature got the appropriate treatment in the clinic and was under the care of the vets, she needed a caring mommy, who would give her much love and attention. Hantu was the best choice.

The caring dog behaved herself as a real mom for the baby and did her best for supporting her.

Here is an amazing video of these two wonders.

Now they are always together and live at the Rare Species Fund. The dog protects her baby from any danger and even when they go for walks in the forests, Poncho climbs on her mommy’s back in order to be safe.

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