Senior doggy made the best connection with a little girl who walked through his door

The sweetest friendship of a doggy and a girl

This wonderful story is dedicated to Sheitan the doggy, who is 12-year-old boxer mix. She didn’t have a good life before meeting Bridget Hammond – her present owner, who changed her life dramatically.

Sheitan is such an active and sociable doggy, who always makes friends without her beloved owner’s awareness. The other day Bridget had just finished working on her computer and when she entered the living room, she noticed her wonderful doggy sitting with an astonishing young lady she didn’t even recognize.

“She was so quiet and calm. My wonderful doggy just adores being fed and caressed.“ – tells the owner.

A few hours later the little girl left the house and Sheitan the doggy sat on the opposite side of the glass door separating them. What’s more interesting os that the doggy remained still during all that time.

Bridget noticed that they were enjoying themselves and they had made such a wonderful connection with each other!

Bridget told the incredible scene in this way:

“When I finished my work and walked into the living room, I noticed them sitting in this way and watching television. Neither of them was probably aware of my presence and I patiently stood aside, as I didn’t want to disturb them. I was watching how the sweetest friendship was developing. They were so sweet!”

“When the girl finally looked up and noticed me washing the dishes, she simply smiled and continued watching the TV program. She is our neighbors’ daughter and her parents appeared and took her home.  She just smiled sweetly and walked home with her parents, waving Sheitan and saying good-bye until their next meeting.” – the owner told.

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