Seeing an alpaca getting in a taxi is a rare thing and you will watch the video with great surprise

The scene how the family member, a crazy alpaca, taking a taxi is quite amazing.

The case took place on one of the streets of Cusco, Peru, when a man noticed a very extraordinary thing. A family was taking a taxi, but among them there was an attractive creature, a cute alpaca.

He understood that it was a rare thing and decided to capture the moment and shared it on the Internet, after which it became very famous.

A little girl kept the door open for the animal, who took its seat calmly as it wasn’t the first time it took a taxi.

When the cutie sat, the girl closed the door and took her seat in front of the vehicle.

The family was probably came back home from somewhere, and they never expected that they would become so famous.

The scene is very interesting and it entertains all the viewers.

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