Pony hugging man who saved him right before he was sold for meat trade

A man saved a pony before he was sold for meat trade

I love my dog so very much writes Natasha and Kirk Hance from Texas relocated to a small property in Fort Worth to provide their 5 kids and two rescue ponies an open environment where they could congregate and grow. But they had no idea that the household would grow and include more ponies.

A horrific horse sale was taking on on the grounds when the pair arrived. The majority of the purchasers came from abattoirs. This was in reaction to the rising demand for horse meat in China, Germany, and Switzerland, among other nations. Kirk was able to save two miniature horses just as they were being taken to the butcher. One of the recovered horses, Tobias, had clearly been neglected and abused. He spent the entire day lowering his face and staring at the floor. He resisted family members’ efforts to pet or approach him. Kirk was becoming greatly worried about the horse’s extreme sadness.

However, after 2 days, Tobias realized he had been spared and that the affection he had experienced was limitless. Kirk was finally recognised as his dad, and he hugged him with relief and joy. Tobias embracing his new father in this clip will warm your heart.

Tobias suddenly understands he’s safe in the clip above, and he expresses his appreciation by hugging Kirk.

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