People gathered to save two eagles, that fell out their nest

The kind deed of people and the happiness of a mother eagle

Although eagles are predators they are highly lovely animals in the world. They are called extensive animals because they have predatory skills, majestic looks. And no one could left their babies in danger. And in such situation were people loving in Sequim, Washington.

One day a man named Andy Pitts found two eagles in his yard and he understood l, that he should help them. He called Jane Moore, who has worked in NW Raptor and Wildlife Centre.

Moore called the centre to seek help from them. When the eagles were fed and examined  people saw a mother eagle nervously flying in the sky.

The owner of Pacific Northwest Tree Service joined the rescue operation.

He climbed the tree and put the eagles in their nest.

The eagles were happy to see their children alive and healthy.

All this rescue operation was captured by a photographer, named Keith Ross. These eagles photos became popular on the Internet and gained more than 5k likes and shares.

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