Only after losing their lovely catty, the family discovered a very exciting thing  

The absence of a catty was very difficult not only for the couple, but also for someone else.

 After losing their beloved catty named Bear, who was passed away, the couple from the Uk was depressed and what they discovered later was more heartbreaking.

Bear had closely been related to his brother named Teddy who once came home with a note hanging on him. It was sent by their neighbour, who was so worried about Bear who used to visit her every day before leaving the world, so when the girl noticed that he didn’t come anymore she wanted to know what happened.

The couple answered to their letter explaining what happened with him and after it they received another letter, in which their neighbour wrote that the catty always helped her in her examinations. She was a student and when she studied her lessons the cutie came, sat and listened to her lectures carefully. There were some heartbreaking pictures with the note which excited the couple.

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