In his final hours, a dog refused to be separated from his elephant friend

The dog wants to be with his friend in his final hours

Relationships can form between any animals in the animal world, and there is no discrimination made based on size or colour. But there are some animals that are unable to coexist due to the food store’s hierarchy. Some have no incentive not to form bonds, particularly when they are trying to get out of a difficult situation. They appear to know that they have been hurt in some way and form an immediate connection.

Pancake is a dog who loves to be petted. 3 years ago, he was saved from the streets and given to an elephant refuge.

When BLES owner and administrator Katherine Connor learned of Pancake, she rescued her and took her to the sanctuary. She has adjusted wonderfully, despite the fact that she does not resemble an elephant and, of course, understands all.

Other BLES creatures are mainly encountered in big events that are taking place or will take place.

She was liberated from a facility where she was required to carry visitors on her back 5 years earlier. Her vertebrae were seriously harmed as a result, and she was in risk of breaking. He arrived at BLES at the age of 60, which was lucky. He was able to live a calm life and do the things he enjoyed here. She was fatigued when she came, but the setting encouraged her to try new things and live a new life.

Boon Thong connected with another senior elephant, Sao Noi, who passed 2 years ago, when she came. As Sao Noi was passing, Boon Thong stood alongside her and stroked her with her tail to tell her that she was being followed.

Boon Thong’s time had come to say her goodbyes to this earth, but she wasn’t lonely.

Pancake knew something was awry and remained by Boon Thong’s side when he realised she wasn’t feeling well. He merely held her companionship, but it was pointless to leave her alone, so Katherine and Pancake finally consented to attend her in her final days. It was a thrilling undertaking, but one that Boon Thong saw as an obligation.

Pancake and Katherine remain with her on last day of Boon Thong’s. In altogether, 9 hours were spent.

Crepe never left Katherine and Boon Thong alone, according to her beautiful soul. He understood he had to be there for her. And he remained at the elephant’s side till sundown, until the final words of support. BLES executives posted those statements on their social media profiles.


Her tomb has been adorned with blossoms as a memorial. They will also bury her close to her long-time pal Saint Noi. She’s definitely got a spot where she can be happy living a fulfilled life.

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