Husky is simply looking for someone who will accept her as she is

A poor Husky, who need a friend

Meet Jubilee, a dog with a big heart to match her character.

Sadly, not everybody she meets shares her viewpoint.

About 2 years ago, Jubilee was surrendered to Husky Home, a New Jersey-based rescue group dedicated to saving animals like her.

Her old owner, a dog breeder, had surrendered her to the rescue because she was “strange,” and he couldn’t sell her.

Of course, Jubilee’s new friends disapproved.

A Husky Home spokeswoman informed The Dodo, “We believe she’s incredibly lovely!”

Notwithstanding this, Jubilee has had trouble finding guardians who will embrace her for who she is, possibly because of her odd appearance.

Jubilee is wary of anyone who could label her “strange” just because of her looks, having experienced so much criticism in the past.

“Initially, she’s shy, but when you give her a present, she gets your best friend!” Husky House has something to say about that. “She’s a really nice dog who cares about people when she gets warm.”

Jubilee’s situation, on the other hand, may soon improve thanks to her rescuers’ ongoing dedication to finding her a forever place.

Husky House recently shared on Fb about Jubilee’s ongoing search for a family, and it appeared to strike a chord this time. Rather than sneering at her, people began falling in love with her. Her story has since went viral on social media.

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