He enters a family’s pool and presents them with 100 kilogrammes of feces as a present.

Hippopotamus enters a family’s pool…

Everyone dislikes a good pool plunge to de-stress and re-energize, and this hippopotamus seemed to have grasped the notion, as he chose to cool off in Brent Reed’s backyard pool after hunting for the perfect area.

Brent Reed, 47, the head of a tour company, was stunned to find one of Africa’s most deadly monsters in his pool on New Year’s Eve.

Brent seemed to have no idea that what a 3 hippopotamus would make him an unexpected visit in his yard in Maun, Botswana, in the wee morning of December 31.

The videographer shared photos of his younger son, Troy, 11, and a friend, Kyle Steyn, 15, posing at the front of the colossal guest.

“Our pool was probably the most fun area to wash off so that our house is just next to the river bottom there was a dry for much of the year and the Thamalakane Rivers dried up,” Brent remarked.

And it’s that this “wonderful” animal companion not only cleansed himself in the clean, freshwater resources of the pool, but also offered them a “awesome” New Year’s present.

This hippo took his time spending a pool day without asking permission, and before left the pool to continue his journey, he spilled 100 kg of excrement into the water.

Brent and his mother was forced to hunt for excrement in the 6 pool after the animal died on January 1.

Not only did the hippo interrupt this family’s intention of spending New Year’s Eve in the swimming, but he also cleaned, napped, regenerated, and left an unpleasant treat in the pool.

Irrespective of the fact that animals can be hostile when cornered, this massive creature showed no signs of distress or unhappiness.

Animals have massive jaws that can smash alligators, and given their size, they can reach speeds of over 20 mph on ground, despite feeling terrified in the water.

Notwithstanding Brent and his family’s proximity, this hippopotamus kept calm.

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