Despite his old age, this doggy is very active and energetic, so his owner made a bucket list for him  

The 18 years old doggy looks so happy and funny.

 Morgan is a 18 years old doggy, who was brought to the shelter after his owner

passed away. Everyone in the shelter knew that no one would adopt him because of his age, but a caring woman named Reidy decided to take care about the cutie and became his foster mom who must live with her 10 years old dog named Charlie.

She first thought that the doggy would probably be very slow because of his age, but she was wrong.

It turned out that the doggy is very funny and active and he can do any work quickly and easily.

And his life changed and became better after giving him a caring family.

After seeing that his life was full of fun and energy, the woman made a bucket list. The crazy doggy has already been on the plane, met a sergeant and became a junior deputy, took a nice photo with Santa, ran on the shore, attended a baseball game and even a yoga class, rode a motorbike and now the cutie is waiting for his birthday impatiently, he will be 19.

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