A sick dog, that was unable to sit was given a final rode around town, but after it he had a miraculous recovery

A dog, that made a wonderful recovery

When Joey Maxwell and his wife saw Maverick for the first time, the dog was very skinny and sick. They decided to adopt him and Mav spend 6 happy years with them and became a family member. But a few years ago the dog had a lymphoma, and his owner did everything to assist his friend get through cancer and the first round of chemo was really successful.

And two months ago the illness came back and the dog was unable to walk. So the owner took the dog to a ride on a wagon. The attempt to make the doggie’s last days incredible, turned out to be a miraculous recovery for it.

“When we take him out he starts to bark at everyone to be petted, as he thinks the whole world loves him.” told Maxwell.

And he is right. Maxwell and his dog received a lot of lice and support. After sharing his story Maxwell got a 50% wagon discount. Now when people from their town see Maverick they recognise him and show their love. Mav really loves the rides. And that’s why the doggie becomes stronger every day.

“We are really grateful to receive so much love and support from so many people.”

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