A lovely golden retriever, eight amusing birds, and a plump hamster are best friends

Animals have become best friends

A dog from Sao Paulo lately become an Internet celebrity thanks to its unusually caring attitude toward its sister and brother. This adorable canine made pals with both songbirds and rodents.

To his small family, the dog was a sweet and loving monster. The dog accompanied them for the entire day, strolling and interacting with them.

The small birds were so at ease with the dog that they wanted to snuggle with him and even lay next to him.

Their homeowner was ecstatic about his one-of-a-kind relatives. Even the small rodent enjoyed playing with his fuzzy pal.

Due to their excellent owner’s endless love for his animals, the parrots and the dog had a wonderful relationship.

Everybody’s hearts was won by the dog, and he enjoyed a nice relationship with everybody. Morte, the loved gigantic, brought everybody together, regardless of the size or kind.

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