A kind restaurant owner prepares free food for all the homeless dogs that visit them

The best restaurant for stray dogs

Gerardo Ortiz’s Peruvian restaurant has had an unusual guest – a homeless doggy, for the past 5 years.

One day after roaming along the streets the cutie decided to stop at the restaurant’s entrance and ask for food with his incredibly beautiful eyes. In spite of the fact that Gerardo could just turn the homeless doggy down, instead the kind man decided to provide him with a tasty complementary lunch prepared specially for him. Since then, he has built a wonderful custom that is in use up to now –  Gerardo’s restaurant provides the hungry doggy with a free lunch every single day.

Gerardo’s café is now visited by quite a significant number of stray dogs, who all have one single thing in common: they could all satisfy their hunger due to the delicious lunch served by the kind-hearted owner.

The human clients of this café are literally overjoyed to see the caring behavior of not only the kind-hearted owner, but also the wonderful staff towards these homeless cuties.

“As to me,  they are our best and most respectful customers and as it turns out, our favorite clients also have had a great response to dogs. They show endless love, care and affection towards them.“ – Gerardo told.

The caring and kin man also states:

“They don’t pay us in cash, they pay us in joy, smile and wagging tails. They are extremely grateful and they respond us with their joyful and happy canine muzzles and that’s the best reward ever! Nothing in this world can be better than making some creatures happy and joyful.”

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