A hospital hired a doggy as an employee to greet the personnel and the patients

A doggy employee at a hospital

It’s not a secret that dogs affect humans very positively and that’s why many hospitals are ‘hiring’ them as teal workers in order to ease the stress of both their personnel and patients.

Just imagine how adorable this can be!

This is actually fantastic!

There was such a wonderful and cute doggy, who was hired as a worker by Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center.

The cutie pie is always there to greet the workers, patients, as well as family members.

The hospital’s MD, named Shari Dunaway, posted a nice image of a puppy on the social network.

It’s just incredible how cute can this wonderful creature be. He decreases the pain and fear with his charming smile, the patients feel every time when entering the hospital.

Just an amazing doggy!


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