A Dog Is Obsessed With A Giant ‚Stick‘ And Is Desperate To Bring It Home

A dog and a giant twig…

Since she was a baby, Gaia has been exceptionally charming and caring. She might be protective whenever it comes to twigs, but just when it comes to them.

Gaia has always been drawn to twigs. Her life task is to find the perfect twig each time she goes outside, and her dad is happy to aid her in this pursuit.

„She’s particular about the length of the twigs she like… „I can usually pick one I know she’ll appreciate and she’ll enjoy wearing it for the entire promenade,“ Gaia’s dad, Taylor Kononchuk, informed The Dodo. „She’ll scream at me if I don’t throw her stick, but if I do, she swaggers around me in rounds like she’s playing continue.“

When it comes to simple twigs, Gaia is worried about length, but when it comes to giant twigs, her motto is obviously „the larger, the greater.“

„She’s always been a hang hound,“ Kononchuk said. „She is eager to pick up whatever bit of wood I contact, no matter how big.“

Gaia and her dad were out for a walk when she came to a complete stop. They’d came upon the biggest stick she’d ever seen, and she couldn’t wait to pick that up and take it home.

Of course, the stick was a fallen telephone pole.

Kononchuk couldn’t resist but laugh as he watched Gaia attempt and refuse to understand up the pole. All she needed to do was triumphantly hold it around like all the other twigs she’d seen, but it was far too large — and not even a twig, as Gaia’s dad couldn’t bear to inform her.

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