A couple was left speechless after discovering a unique white creature in the forest.

There is an amazing albino animal into the woods…

Neil Kelley and his parents arrived across a mythical beast in the Maine forests a day. They couldn’t realize what they’ve seen with their own eyes.

she told The Dodo, “This white fluffy critter did not mix in with its environment.” “It would be tough to overlook it.” We had no idea much about it until we did some study.”

Kelley quickly determined it was a white hedgehog. Albinism is thought to affect one out of every 10,000 hedgehogs.

“He wasn’t surprised or frightened in the least.” she described herself as “cool and elegant.”

They adore being able to live in the wild.

“It was on the outskirts of a pretty remote forested region,” she said, noting that the meeting was one he and his son will remember: “[We] were astonished.”

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