A chicken was born without eyes, but her owner didn’t want to abandon her

A disabled chicken without eyes

The grandfather of Rebekah Cummings have her an egg, that was going to hatch. The girl didn’t know what it can be. But the egg hatched and a chicken with no eyes appeared. People told Rebekah to abandon the baby, as she would only suffer, but she decided to fight for the baby’s life.

Rebekah named the chicken Mumble and started to care for her. “It was very difficult to raise her understanding, that every day she will not survive. But Mumble was able to survive.”

A year have passed and Mumble is very happy to live surrounded by a loving family. She likes to cuddle with other pets, such as cats, dogs, rabbits and so on. Mumble even has her own Facebook account with almost 25000 followers, that Rebekah uses to help other disabled chicks.

“She makes us happy every day, and I’m really proud of her.”

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