A 20-year-old cat who had been abandoned at the shelter has found a new home with a 101-year-old lady

A 20-year-old cat and her 101-year-old owner

This story demonstrates that no matter how old you are, it is never too late to achieve a good ending.

Gus was a sweet old cat who was taken to the Catawba County Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, his owners were unable to maintain him and were forced to surrender him to the refuge. It was not, though, the end for the 19-year-old (133 humane-year-old) cat. The veterinarians checked him, and to everybody’s astonishment, the cat was in excellent health for his age.

Jane Bowers, the rescue’s executive director, received an interesting call when he was worried about the cat and thought he was old enough being rescued. To maintain their old mother companionship, the family decided a cat. Gus was the ideal match for their mom Penny, who was 101 years old at the time.

They said the elderly woman had lost her pet and was now alone and distraught. As a result, Gus became her dearest friend and company in her final days. Because it was a „marriage made in heaven,“ the transfer went off without a hitch.

Bowers was overjoyed to see the elderly cat reunited with somebody his age and in his circumstances. Penny enjoyed cuddling and loving the cat. Gus also enjoyed watching the squirrels from their balcony, and he was at ease in his new home.

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