You will be excited by the touching reaction of a blind and deaf doggy when she feels her father is coming home  

The deaf and blind doggy realises which one is her daddy’s car and shows a heartbreaking reaction.

An eight years old pup named Opal was born blind and deaf, but it doesn’t disturb her to be very smart and intelligent.

She was adopted by a caring couple named Christina Bray and Forrest Hutchings when they saw her photos on social media and fell in love with her.

The staff had thought that the cutie would never be adopted because of her disability, but they were wrong.

Recently her caring owners shared a cute video on their Instagram page showing her touching reaction when she feels her daddy is coming. For the whole family it is the sweetest moment of the day.

Opal’s mommy explains her surprise saying that she cannot say how she feels that it is her daddy’s car, because their neighbours’ vehicles come and stop in their yard, too.

She doesn’t react when others come, but when her daddy comes she cannot hide her emotions. So cute!

Although she is blind and deaf, she has other strong senses due to which she clearly understands what happens around her.


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The doggy is very kind and funny.

She wants to spend much time with her loving daddy and during the whole day she likes to sit next to him.

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