When the Tired Doggy Noticed a Little Sweet Cow Who Was Sleeping He just Decided to Curl up on His Back

The two friends were taking a nap lying next to each other

Our life is full of such wonderful and amazing moments, that we always try to memorize them in order to feel optimistic, motivated and positive enough in order to feel our lives with joy and happiness.

One day Sarthak Gambhir witnessed that kind of moment in India and he managed to capture the wonderful moments in order to share with everyone on social media.

The man was going out of his house when he suddenly noticed a cute cow curled up beside a local snack stall. The most amusing thing was that there was a doggy on the back of that cow.

Gambhir was very surprised to see the awesome moment and he approach them to take a photo but he also kept silence as the caring man didn’t want to disturb the cuties.

Of course, the adorable cow was aware that the cutie pie was lying on his back. Their wonderful friendship was so adorable and it was obvious that the caring cow loved the little pup so much, because  he wasn’t moving moving in order not to disturb his best friend.

Gambhir was not aware wether they belonged to the same person or not but they looked cute together.

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