When the helpless dog felt that he was going the be rescued, he showed his gratitude in a touching way  

Thanks to the caring people, the doggy’s miserable life was changed.

Once when a woman was on the way home she noticed something strange in the bushes. When she approached it, a helpless doggy was found who wanted to get out of the bushes.

Then something heartbreaking took place: the stray animal felt that he would be saved and jumped into the woman’s arms to show his thankfulness for her heroic step. The woman immediately called a special organisation for support. They took the cutie to the vet because he had some injuries. After examining him clearly it became obvious that he had been in an awful condition for a long time or he had possibly been beaten by a car.

After the treatment, the brave animal became healthy and strong and now he was ready for adoption.

Fortunately, the baby was adopted by the caring people and was called Vlad. Now he is safe and happy next to his loving owners.

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