When the doggy was upset after his daddy left him, his mommy had a wonderful idea to calm him down. So crazy!  

The woman’s good idea to help her pet overcome his stress is quite amazing.

One of the most difficult moments of everyone’s life is being left even for a short time. It’s quite difficult for both animals and humans. Especially for the faithful animals it is very stressful to be left by their lovely owners. Each animal reacts in its own way: some of them bark, cry or disturb others’ rest, while others break everything around them and become very nervous. In this case the family members must know how to calm them down.

And here is the smartest way how to calm the depressed animals – a mannequin that must look like the person who is absent.

Here is an interesting story about a 15 years old doggy named Shorty, who has been living with his loving owner named Marc already for 11 years. Marc saw the cutie in a shelter where he was working and fell in love with him.

Since then they were always together and the faithful doggy never left him even on the important events. His owner took the pet with him everywhere he went, but then everything was changed. The man couldn’t take his pet with him when he went to abroad because of his age.

Now when his owner left him for a short time, the cutie was in stress. No one and nothing could calm him down.

His condition became serious and his mommy decided to bring a mannequin from a Halloween store that looks like her husband. Although she didn’t believe that it would work, she brought it just for fun.

When the mannequin was brought, she made it very similar to Marc.

She called it FARC (Fake – Marc).

The next step was introducing it to her pet. Them the animal noticed his new owner, he approached it and after a short time something interesting happened. He became calmer.

He started his funny and happy life and began to live as before.

The woman was in shock. That method really worked. So interesting!

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