When a shy kitten was noticed and saved, later it turned out that he was an excellent companion  

Although this kitten is very shy, he brings joy and happiness to his loving lady.

After getting a call about a feral kitten with other 4 catties wandering behind a store, the rescue team hurried to save him, because he needed quick treatment. His name is Tobby and he was the calmest of the group.

He showed that he didn’t have anything in common with others and the next day he was brought to a foster house and after some time he got used to his caretaker.

A few days later the baby became sick and he needed much more care and attention, so his foster mommy took care about him carefully and she spent most of her day next to her loving animal, who liked to hug and stroke her all day.

Thanks to his caring mommy, the cutie became healthy and strong.

The lady claims that if you know him well, you’ll see that he is very kind and funny.

Although the baby still remains the shyest of the family, she is cute and sweety and is waiting for his forever family.

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